Xinhai Was Established in 2003

Jiashan Xinhai Precision Casting Co.,Ltd., founded in 2003 proudly holds membership in the esteemed China Foundry Association. With a dedicated team exceeding 350 boasting over 10 seasoned senior engineers professionals. and supported by over 50 experienced technical managers our company operates within a sprawling 35000 square meter facility.In 2009. weinauqurated a state-ofthe-art TechnoloayResearch and Development center. focusing on pioneering new products and cutting-edae technolodies.Our commitment to innovation and excellence has earned us recognition as a national high-tech enterprise, solidifying our position as industry leaders in precision casting.

  • Mold design and processing workshop

    Specializing in 3D design, processing and assembly of casting product molds.

  • Silica Sol Precision Casting Workshop

    Our core expertise lies in the manufacturing of precision castings crafted from stainless steel alloy steel, and carbon steel. These superior products find extensive applications across diverse industries including petrochemical. hardware machinery, automotive, food processing,sanitary ware medical equipment, water treatment, and beyond.With a versatile production capability spanning from 10 arams to 200 kilograms,our annual output surpasses 2,500 tons.We proudlv serve a alobal clientele.exportina our premium offerings to esteemed markets in Europe. America. Japan. and bevond,holding the requisite export certification.

  • Precision machining workshop

    Equipped with over 70 sets of cutting-edge processing machinery, including 76 CNCs,20 machining centers,and 11 conventional lathes, our facility stands ready to handle the intricacies of precision engineerina.Capable of processing products with diameters reaching up to 1100mm, we ensure meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled precision in every project we undertake.

  • laboratory

    Utilizing cutting-edge technology our arsenal includes a German Spectrometer direct reading spectrometer featuring 25 element hannel detectionenabling precise analvsis of materials such as ordinarv stainless steel duplex steel.super duplex steel.and carbon steel.Complementing this,our state-of-the-art equipment ineup comprises a microcomputer-controlled electro-hvdraulic servot universaltesting machine.pendulum impact testing machine,impact test crvometer touch screen digital Rockwell hardness tester, digital Brinellhardness tester eeb hardness tester inverted metallographic microscope proiector handheld 3D scanner CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine).calcjum iron analyzer NDJ-5S viscometer and more These advanced tools ensure unrivaled accuracy and reliability in our testing and inspection processes,underscoring our commitment to delivering excellence in every facet of our operations.

  • Employee

    There are more than 350 employees, including more than 10 senior engineers and engineers, and more than 50 senior technical managers

  • Annual production capacity

    The company can undertake the production and processing of precision castings ranging from 10 grams to 200 kilograms, with an annual production capacity of more than 2,500 tons

  • National high-tech enterprise

    The company established a technology research and development center in 2009, specializing in the development of new products and technologies

Plant Equipment

The survival of an enterprise lies in the continuous innovation and development of products. Xinhai always grasps the foundation of enterprise development, optimizes product equipment, upgrades product grades, and continuously develops new products in order to serve customers better and faster.

The company introduces advanced production equipment at home and abroad, German direct-reading spectroscopic inspection equipment and many other most advanced inspection systems, adopts internationally advanced silica sol precision casting technology, and introduces machining centers and CNC machine tools. So as to ensure the quality of the product.

  • Plant Equipment
  • Plant Equipment
  • Plant Equipment
  • Plant Equipment
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  • Plant Equipment

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Quality Policy: Stable Production, High Quality.

The company makes constant improvement, strictly controls the quality management, and provides the best service for the automation industry. Its products sell well all over the world by virtue of excellent quality.

We firmly believe that only continuously promote the quality and reduce the reject ratio, can the manufacturers save much more cost, improve the competitive power, and create more profits.

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