4 types of machining of CNC parts

Editor:嘉善鑫海精密铸件有限公司 │ Mar 24, 2022 

1. Hole processing: Before drilling holes on the machining center, you must first use the center drill to locate, and then use a drill 0.5~2mm smaller than the size of the drawing to drill, and use a suitable drill for finishing.

2. Reaming processing: When reaming the workpiece, it is also necessary to use a center drill to locate it first, then use a drill bit 0.5~0.3mm smaller than the size of the drawing to drill, and then use a reamer to ream the hole. Pay attention to controlling the spindle speed during reaming. Within 70~180rpm/min.

3. Boring processing: The workpiece should be positioned with a center drill first, and then drilled with a drill 1~2mm smaller than the size of the drawing, and then processed with a rough boring tool (or milling cutter) until only one side is left. The machining allowance is about 0.3mm, and then the fine boring tool with pre-adjusted size is used for fine boring, and the next fine boring allowance cannot be less than 0.1mm.

4. Direct numerical control (DNC) operation: Before DNC numerical control machining, the workpiece should be clamped, the zero position should be set, and the parameters should be set. Open the processing program to be transmitted in the computer for viewing, then let the computer enter the DNC state, and input the file name of the correct processing program. Press the TAPE key and the program start key on the processing machine, and the machine controller will display the shining LSK words. Press Enter on the computer to perform DNC data transfer processing.