New Technology of Precision Mould Parts Processing

Editor:嘉善鑫海精密铸件有限公司 │ Mar 24, 2022 

1. Additive Manufacturing: Unfettered Production

The cooling water channel in the insert of precision mold parts is very important in the mold, and the traditional manufacturing technology cannot realize the design of the conformal cooling water channel. According to the traditional method of processing precision mold parts, in actual production, the product will lead to poor quality such as shrinkage, pores, mold sticking, poor filling, warpage and deformation due to unbalanced mold temperature. Innovative "Additive Manufacturing" technology brings a solution for this.

As an additive manufacturing technique, laser direct sintering of metal uses a ytterbium fiber laser to fire a laser into a metal powder, causing the laser to automatically target a point in space constructed from a 3D model, fusing the material together to form a solid structure. Today, additive manufacturing techniques can create complex conformal cooling/heating channels that were not possible before. Access to areas of the insert that could not be cooled or heated before was a huge revolution in the quality of precision mold parts.

2. Laser Texturing: Setting a New Design Benchmark

With innovative technology backed by fully digital laser texturing technology, avoid deviations from the original design, experience the stability and repeatability of a best-in-class production process, and limitless design possibilities.